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    Barbara (Morris Fischer) Binstock

    How would you know if you've been mislead by encouragement from
    friends (who don't know what "good" poetry really is)
    or corrupt "vanity" publishers who lead you to believe you're a "semi-finalist?"

    So called "Vanity" publishers accept any words on paper,
    to fill a fat book quickly,
    (so they can sell those books to
    the unknowing novices published in the books).

    It's good to write poetry and have it published.
    Getting published means showing an audience
    what you've written.

    But, would you think you're ready to perform in Carnegie Hall
    if you can play "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" with one finger on
    the piano or organ?

    Well, that's what untrained poets are doing when they seek publication.

    Without professional guidance you'll  never know what splendid creations
    you were capable of. 

    In a matter of a few hours, you can learn to employ the tricks
    and skills of the masters into everything you've written or will write.
    When you are confident because you "know" you're good, no one
    can trick you.

    There's no such thing as a poet who doesn't need to read

    by Barbara (Morris Fischer) Binstock

    The short-cut to success and recognition is to learn to be all you can be
    as a poet with the simple step-by-step lessons in "Poetry Self-Taught."

    Why waste time on guesswork and luck?
    Learn quickly, and easily
    How to make your writing exciting to readers.
    How to perfect everything you've already written.
    How to become your own best critic, even
    win awards and teach others.

    Step-by-step fun-to-do lessons
    approved originally by NY State Board of Ed
    and taught by the author in Deer Park H.S.

    Learn from one who has considered over 150,000 amateur submissions
    for possible publication,  and knows what readers vote for...
    One who has sold repeatedly to Hallmark Books among her credits,
    taught,  won major awards, and served as literary advisor to her county legislature.

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There are aesthetic elements in
quality poetry that make poems
stand out from the crowd.

Don't you want be know for that kind  of writing?

There are methods of expression that delight the reader.
There are symbols that make your message "hit home."

The only writers who object to formal training are those
who are too vain to admit they should learn more.

It's important to read lots of past and current poetry.
But without training, you won't learn much because
you won't know what you're trying to emulate or
improve upon.

Once you master these easy step-by-step lessons, these
tools will be with you forever to enhance everything you write.

As we are updating it, you cannot buy it right now. It will soon be
available on CD and in a downloadable PDF version.

Take our sample lesson and you'll soon see how quickly you
can learn a new skill.

About The Author
Barbara (Morris Fischer) Binstock holds a host of credentials and awards for writing, teaching, and publishing poetry since 1963. Among them sales of her poetry to Hallmark books, appearances on national television, her own former TV show accepted for cable. She served as Literary Advisor to her county legislature, conducted Poetry Performances at Whitman's Birthplace, Having read tens of thousands of amateur's poems, published dozens of poets' books and anthologies, she wrote a poetry course which earned NY State Bd. of Ed., approval which she taught in 20 continuing Ed classes.
When teaching became too demanding, she published it as a book POETRY SELF-TAUGHT.



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