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  • Poems by The Winning Poets From
    "Notable American Poets"

    "Poet of the Year" - SEAN H.YOUNG


    The mist of her rain splashes upon my soul,             
    it replenishes lost joy, and gives inevitable peace.                  
    The mist of her rain envelops my body            
    It showers me with a warmth from mysterious skies       
    The mist of her rain carries a bouquet of unparalleled sweetness,            
    It gives renewed security, and allows me to continue.
     The mist of her rain brings a spiritual peace,                    
    It sustains fear, and brings courage.             
    The mist of her rain turns sadness into happiness,                  
    It turns winter snow into summer bliss.
    The mist of her rain supplies nutrients to every cell               
    and gives the lost ingredients to future success.                            
    SEAN H. YOUNG                    
    Inspired by my wife, Tiffany L.Young

    Sean  received his masters degree in Social Work.
    His compassion for "people" reveals itself as he writes
    from the depth of his soul in a magnificent collection of
    poetry and parables just published by J. Mark Press,

    "Soul Solutions."

The cover and every second page is a thought-provoking
illustration... awesome professional art ... selected by
the author (a gift for you from Sean) that imparts "collectible" stature to its 55 pages! Many poems in it won our reader-vote awards.  You'll also enjoy his very uplifting list of altruistic "soul solutions." The exotic cover is by Sean's uncle.

We're so proud to be the publisher. It is available directly to you in either
laminated spiral bound $12.00 + 4.00 post., or Gorgeous laminated hard cover
$18.00 PLUS $6 postage and handling from
Young Ventures,
PO Box 198, Ferrysburg, MI 49409-0198 

The other reader-vote winners
from "Notable American Poets


Moments of peace have more meaning,                
Times of stillness give one a gleaming,                          
A glimpse of fullness;             
Blue green and gold thoughts gently streaming,                
Without any effort for you to hold.              
More and more learning about the other side                        
Of yourself and of being,
A gentle flowing of all your senses 
 Which are sensing your foreverness,
                                        For a little while.                              
                                        GIL SAENZ             

Editor's note about That Golden Gown:
I spotted an old fashioned flavor in this
poem that made me think the author was quite up there
in years. Amazing how it touched our readers the same way.

Howard Deaton has been a care giver for the last 3
years to his loving wife who is 84 and almost totally
paralyzed from a stroke. He has little relief from her
care. She fell out of her wheelchair and broke both
legs recently.
Howard asks only that you pray for his patience
and her recovery.


2000 J.Mark Press  All poetry and information appearing on pages  is the  property of
J.Mark Press and its authors. Poets own all rights to their poetry. No part may be used in any manner
without written permission of the publisher.   


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