J. Mark Press Presents

"Poet of the Year" - SEAN H. YOUNG

THE MIST OF HER RAIN                
The mist of her rain splashes upon my soul,             
it replenishes lost joy, and gives inevitable peace.
The mist of her rain envelops my body
It showers me with a warmth from mysterious skies
The mist of her rain carries a bouquet of unparalleled sweetness,
It gives renewed security, and allows me to continue.

The mist of her rain brings a spiritual peace,                    
It sustains fear, and brings courage.

The mist of her rain turns sadness into happiness,                  
It turns winter snow into summer bliss.

.The mist of her rain supplies nutrients to every cell               
 and gives the lost ingredients to future success.
..................................................       SEAN H. YOUNG                    
............................                             Inspired by my wife, Tiffany L.Young


by Sean H. Young

Allow me to introduce my self, my name is schizophrenia. Only for a fleeting
moment do I smile, and remember who I once was. I am entranced by a flurry
of my mind’s spinning wheels. My pain runs deep through the rivers of my
heart. My thoughts are turning like the pages of a book in a windstorm. I
remember as a child my dog dying, while I light my crack-pipe and guzzle my
vodka to stop the voices from getting in. Tears run down my face in a
thunderstorm of hell. Strange as the delusions are themselves, are the people
around me. You can’t find me because I live behind the minds eye, like a
chameleon in the jungle. I hunt through my visions, like a lion in the bush. I
seek salvation, but don’t know where to hide. My incubation period and origin
are unknown, and remain an enigma. Inside my soul I bleed horrific terror
trying to get outside of my self, and escape the hallucinations. I yearn to see
freedom’s face smile down upon me, like warm sunshine that heals the spirit
within. I remember playing stickball in my neighborhood with my childhood
friends, and I want to go home!

Soul Solutions

Sean recently received his masters degree in Social Work. His compassion
for "people" reveals itself as he writes from the depth of his soul in a magnificent collection of poetry and parables just published by J.Mark Press,
"Soul Solutions."

The cover and every second page is a thought-provoking illustration, awesome professional art selected by the author that impart "collectible" stature, (a gift for you from Sean).
55 pages! Many poems in it won our reader-vote awards.  You'll also enjoy his very
uplifting list of altruistic "soul solutions."

At J. Mark Press, we're so proud to be the publisher
of this exquisite book, we glow at the mention of the title.
We believe Sean is among the outstanding genius poets of our era.

Soul Solutions is available directly to you in either
laminated spiral bound $12.00 + 2.00 post.,
or Gorgeous laminated hard cover
$18.00 PLUS $3 postage and handling from
Young Ventures,
PO Box 198, Ferrysburg,MI 49409-0198 


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