This page contains a music clip of a recording
by exciting new poet /
song writer, Donald Kennedy
and excerpts from his first book
"The Greatest Knigdom"

This new song / music recording is for sale to
song publishers and the music industry on a royalty
basis, as well as to all of you who'll enjoy it in your
church or home.

He now added a sensational country tape to his
growing collection. "10 Beautiful Country Songs"
(Only $9.95 and worth every bit of it.)
(Note the Blue Ridge Mts. behind him in this photo)

Please allow about 2 minutes for music to download.

For the tape of "The Time Is Near" or "I'm Just An Old
Country Boy"
Send $7.95 for each plus $1.50 postage
to this song-writer,music-writer, writer and poet.
Donald Kennedy
HC 32, Box 62, Yukon,WV 24899

You can have a FREE tape of "The Time Is Near"
if you request it with an order for his hard-cover
book, "The Greatest Kingdom" below.

Donald's got a lot more coming soon!
(We're working on his tale of local WV
coal miner history,"Two Mountain Men.")

Here's a taste of his magnificent new hard cover book:
The Greatest Kingdom
$18.95 + $1.50 post/hand from the author above.
Full-color plastic laminated hard cover!
The spiral bound soft cover version is $9.95 ppd.

The Greatest Kingdom

One, two, three, Angels of Love
over there beneath the dogwood tree
One, two, three, Angels I see,
Maybe there's one for me
Angels of Love beneath the tree
Maybe, God sent them on a mission you see
Maybe He sent a miracle for me by the
Angels of love I see over there beneath
the dogwood tree.
One, two, three, Angels of Love

A lot of little seeds for me to sow
In this beautiful black dirt
That's on the earth below.
It will make it grow from the hole
Many of the rain showers
from the Heavens above come falling down
to the ground in a little while
O, how beautiful all the colors of flowers
In April showers with lots of seeds
And God's help and beautiful blessings
It will grow, by and by, with lots of seeds.

My Dogwood

The dogwood that blossoms in the spring

When God made it rain to ease His Son's pain
God called Him on home from the rain
Yes, My Son, your work is over for now

You have saved a lot of souls I know
One day my son you will go back and get
All your children and the other souls
who carried my name and prayed to me
and Paradise, they will see

Yes, My Son. go and sit under the dogwood
I will call you soon because the time is near
When the dogwood again blooms in the spring
There won't be any more pain


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